Confirmation of Biden Scandals Has Bipartisan Corroboration

( – Bombshell revelations over the last several weeks have hoisted the Biden family business deals into the spotlight, making it hard for left-leaning media outlets and newspapers to ignore the scandal any longer.

However, publications are clinging to the established narrative that they have followed for many years by attempting to smear anyone who has come forward with evidence. In fact, some of the allegations are from lifelong Democrats, including one of the IRS whistleblowers. Bank records provided by various banks to the House Oversight Committee are void of partisanship, and the credible confidential human source has worked with the federal government for several years.

A New York Times article attempted to undermine the credibility of the two IRS whistleblowers by claiming they were in cahoots with Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley to go after the Biden family. The outlet failed to address the unredacted version of the FD-1023 form that Senator Grassley released to the public that alleged President Biden’s participation in a bribery scheme with his son Hunter Biden and a Ukrainian foreign national. The article also attempted to discredit the congressional investigations into the Biden family, telling its readers that Republicans “have struggled to surface any proof of misconduct by the president” thus far.

Two former business partners of Hunter Biden have documented President Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which would undoubtedly dominate every news channel if it were Donald Trump Jr. ‘s business partners. The media fought hard to discredit Tony Bobulinski when he came forward just before the 2020 presidential election. Devon Archer was not only a former business partner, but a very close friend of Hunter Biden’s, and his upcoming testimony to the House Oversight Committee will be a tough feat for the media to ignore.

He plans to tell the committee that President Biden was present on over two dozen phone calls with Hunter Biden and his business associates, a claim that he will go into specific detail about. Other witnesses who have come forward include multiple FBI whistleblowers, as well as the founder of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, but none of these corroborators are of any interest to the regime media.

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