Another Boeing Whistleblower Dies

( – The shocking and unexpected death of a 44-year-old former Boeing employee turned whistleblower has left some scratching their heads, as he is the second such whistleblower to die within the last two months.

Joshua Dean formerly worked as a quality inspector for Spirit AeroSystems, which is a supplier for the multinational corporation. He was fired from his position in April 2023, which he said was in retaliation for reporting careless practices during the manufacturing of the 737 Max. Dean gave a deposition for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Spirit shareholders. He described how the holes were mis-drilled in the bulkhead of the 737 Max fuselages, which he flagged shortly before he was fired.

Dean’s family said they were told that he died from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) after falling ill two weeks earlier. His mother, Virginia Green, said that he suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with strep throat at an urgent care facility. She said that he called her later in the evening and said he was in the emergency room and that doctors had discovered “something on his lungs.” He tested positive for Influenza B, MRSA, and pneumonia. He was eventually transported to an Oklahoma City hospital after his condition worsened while hospitalized in Wichita. His mother said that he was in good health, followed a healthy diet, and exercised daily.

Green said that her son had never been hospitalized. His kidneys began to fail after a few days and he was placed on life support. He underwent a bronchoscopy, which led to the discovery of a gummy, mesh-like film covering his lungs. Green said that she requested an autopsy, but the results would take a while. She expressed doubt about the cause of death and mused whether “somebody did something to him,” or if it was a combination of the viruses.

Another whistleblower who is represented by the same attorney as Dean was found dead outside the hotel he was staying at while giving a deposition for an unrelated Boeing lawsuit.

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