Democrats Argue Trump Is Judged Differently As Is Bond Is Lowered

( – Liberal heads exploded on March 25 when a New York appeals court slashed former President Trump’s $454 million bond to $175 million and allowed him 10 extra days to come up with the money. Additionally, the Court stayed most of Judge Engoron’s judgment, which included preventing Trump from applying for loans with financial institutions in the state, prohibiting Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. from doing business in New York for two years, and the permanent barring of the Trump Organization’s former CFO and its former controller from holding positions in the state that involve the control of finances.

The only part of Engoron’s ruling that remains in effect is the addition of a compliance director at the Trump Organization, as well as an independent monitor that will oversee the company.

Leftist media outlets and online progressive “influencers” immediately cried foul, claiming that Trump benefitted from a two-tiered justice system. Former Biden administration White House press secretary turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki told her viewers, “Trump is not the victim of a two-tiered system of justice” in the United States. She admitted that such a system existed, but seemingly forgot that Trump has multiple charges pending for what most view as a political persecution.

Online activist Tristan Snell, who was once the Assistant Attorney General in New York, went on a long tirade during an MSNBC interview, complaining about Trump’s wealth and private assets. He said that the courts “decided that he gets his own private court of justice,” and claimed that no one else would receive the same treatment.

Other alleged Democratic influencers shared Psaki’s wild speculations about Trump, claiming that she hit the nail on the head. One never-Trumper, former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Steele, claimed that the court’s ruling was nonsensical. Following the Court’s decision, Trump said that he respected the ruling and that he would pay the bond before the 10-day deadline. However, he also called for Engoron’s entire judgment to be reversed.

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