Actor Mark Hamill Labels Biden “The Best President We’ve Ever Had”

( – A barrage of “Star Wars” quotes promptly ensued after actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the franchise, posted, “Joe Biden is the best president we’ve ever had” on X, formerly Twitter.

Hamill reposted a post from President Biden’s personal X account where he accused former President Trump of being the “worst president we’ve ever had.” Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon reposted Hamill’s post, noting that Hamill was not being satirical. Jim Hanson accused Hamill of being either delusional or dishonest with an outer space adjective for extra emphasis. Brigitte Gabriel blasted Hamill for his disconnection with the real world, arguing that the price of groceries and gas is enough to counter his claim.

Other users referenced “The Last Jedi” in their crafty comments. Hamill has unashamedly supported the Biden administration. Back in March, he posted an unretouched photo of himself pointing to the voter sticker on his anti-Trump t-shirt. That post immediately became a meme as users edited his shirt with photos of former President Trump. Other users pushed back with photos of Americans killed by illegal migrants, including Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Hamill incessantly shared anti-Trump rhetoric on X, often reposting videos and commentary from the controversial page called The Lincoln Project.

On April 20, he praised the House of Representatives for passing the $60 billion in aid for Ukraine, sharing a photo of Biden and Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Other Trump-hating accounts often shared by Hamill include those of Jon Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel. Nearly every post on Hamill’s profile is about Trump. Hamill is just one of many celebrities who are often criticized for their out-of-touch takes on politics. Left-leaning Hollywood typically supports the Democratic nominee, with actors becoming overly vocal during an election year before retreating to their elitist lifestyles. Biden’s recent fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York City was riddled with celebrity donors.

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