Fourth Body Found In Search For Surfers

( – Prosecutors announced the recovery of a fourth body while investigating the disappearance of three surfers vacationing in Mexico.

Two Australian men, accompanied by one American man, were documenting their travels on social media when their posts suddenly stopped on April 27 while camping in the Mexican state of Baja California. The last post shared by one of the men was in Ensenada at San Miguel beach. While Baja California is one of the most dangerous states in the country, the tourist town of Ensenada is generally safe. However, the United States Department of State’s travel advisory for Baja California is set at “reconsider travel” due to kidnapping and other criminal activity.

The three men were reported missing after they failed to arrive at their next destination, which was 48 hours after their last social media post. Investigators found tents and a burned-up pickup truck similar to the one that had appeared in the men’s social media posts. Authorities located three bodies inside a well nearby, although officials did not confirm that the bodies were those of the missing men. The fourth body discovered was the landowner of the property where the three bodies were discovered. He had been reported missing two weeks before the surfers were found.

Three suspects were arrested, including a 23-year-old woman who had one of the surfer’s phones in her possession. Police also found drugs, including methamphetamine, on all three suspects. Prosecutors said that the suspects were charged with Mexico’s version of kidnapping, but it is unknown if they will bring additional charges.

Minimal information was released regarding the condition of the men’s bodies, but a forensic investigation is underway. It is also unclear how the suspects were connected to the surfers, although officials divulged that there was direct and indirect involvement. Baja California’s chief prosecutor acknowledged the presence of drug cartels in the state, but she made clear that every possibility was being explored.

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