Country Singer John Rich To Throw Concert For Flag-Defending Students

( – Proudly patriotic country singer John Rich unveiled a plan to honor a group of college students at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill after they stopped a group of pro-Palestinian protestors from ripping an American flag to the ground. Rich said that he was coordinating with officials from UNC to hold a concert on campus, which has since been nicknamed “Flagstock.” Rich said that other musicians would also perform at the concert, which would be free for students to attend.

In a recent media interview, Rich said that the viral video of the young men impressed him because it showed that they were taught to stop an American flag from hitting the ground. He continued, adding, “Somebody raised these guys correctly,” and that they were in tune with the intentions of the protestors. Rich said that anyone who acts patriotically, even in contentious situations, deserves recognition. He expressed hope that their actions would inspire others around the country.

The video showed masked agitators screaming expletives at the young men as they kept the flag out of reach. Another young man was holding an Israeli flag as protestors slung water from bottles toward the group. One of the young men appeared for a media interview to explain why he decided to intervene. Daniel Stompel, who is a Pi Kappa Phi fraternity member and political science major, said that he told the group, “I’d die for this flag,” adding that his friends were all in agreement. He said that the experience gave him hope for the country, but also pointed out the lack of patriotism due to Joe Biden’s inability to defend the United States.

Stompel encouraged others to refuse to bow down to the mob because their goal was to destroy the United States. Shortly after the video went viral, a GoFundMe was launched to pay for a party to celebrate their defense of the flag. The campaign brought in $516,672 in donations.

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