Bernie Sanders Seeks Fourth Term in Office at Age 82

( – The two-term senator will be 83 years old in September, but he is far from the oldest in the Senate. Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is 90 and was reelected for his eighth term in 2022. Sanders posted a video message on X, formerly Twitter, announcing his intention to seek a third term. He began by thanking his constituents for electing him twice, stating, “It has been the honor of my life.” He boasted about Vermont’s leading community healthcare center utilization but argued that the United States should sign on to providing healthcare for all.

Sanders discussed prescription drug costs, including diabetes medication, and blasted pharmaceutical companies for their greediness. He discussed climate change, which he attributed to flooding in Vermont while advocating for an end to the use of fossil fuels. He proudly stated that he was responsible for $62 million in federal funding for the state that helped people purchase solar panels and heat pumps. He claimed that climate change was a “global crisis” that needed to be addressed by cutting carbon emissions worldwide.

He discussed healthcare for veterans in Vermont and urged Democrats to oppose the privatization of the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Next up, he applauded Vermont for becoming the first state to codify the right to abortion into the state constitution but said that Roe v. Wade should be enshrined into the United States Constitution. Sanders also discussed his support of student loan debt cancelation and argued that it should be free to attend any public higher education institution.

Sanders spoke about several other hot-button topics, including the expansion of Medicare and Social Security, doing away with property taxes that fund schools, and of course, taxing the rich. Sanders’ Republican opponent is Gerald Malloy, a former Senate candidate who lost to Democrat Peter Welch in 2022 when running to fill retiring Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy’s seat.

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