Actor Claims Religion is a Horror Source, Bible One of Worst Books

( – Scottish actor Brian Cox recently revealed his real feelings about religion and the Holy Bible. During a podcast interview, the Succession HBO series star said that the Bible was “one of the worst books ever written.”

He also said that religion has “led us into all kinds of horror,” and argued that humans have no chance because of their stupidity. He used recent and historical events as examples as to why religion was responsible for endless turmoil, including the Israel-Hamas war, the war in Ukraine, and the Holocaust. He said that Muslims and Jewish people will never have peace because of religious differences.

Cox proclaimed that God was not real and that people should focus on themselves internally rather than looking to the outside. He claimed that the story of Adam and Eve was made up to instill a patriarchal world. He said that humans believe the story of Adam and Eve because they are stupid. He referred to believing in God as a form of mythology. He added that humans have not considered what the world would look like under a matriarchy.

Cox recently spoke about his success after being nominated for a BAFTA TV Award for Succession. He expressed gratitude for being recognized while out and about but said that he missed being able to fly under the radar. Despite his complaints, he lost the prize for Best Actor to Timothy Spall, who won for his role in a BBC four-part series called The Sixth Commandment. Spall was commended for his off-the-cuff acceptance speech after beating out Cox and other contenders.

Cox is also known for his role as Captain O’Hagan in the Super Troopers and Super Troopers 2. He has won an Emmy Award, two BAFTA Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and others. He is 77 years old and was raised as a Roman Catholic and schooled in Catholic schools until the age of 15.

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