Former Trump Official Announces ‘Deport Them All’ Plan

( – Former Ambassador to Iceland during the Trump administration, Jeff Gunter, announced his intention to put up at least $1 million to fund his new “Build the Wall, Deport Them All” plan.

Gunter is currently running to unseat Nevada United States Senator Jacky Rosen. He recently told one media outlet that closing the border was the first, second, and third of his top priorities once elected. Gunter’s investment includes a website that would allow citizens to report any activities that appear to be suspicious in nature. He will also launch an ad campaign to inform Nevadans about his plan, which will likely draw in additional support.

Gunter recently blasted so-called RINOs for inaction regarding the security of the southern border. He vowed to resume construction of the border wall and said that he would hold future administrations accountable for enforcing the nation’s laws. Gunter’s plan will also forge relationships with local small business owners to find and report illegal migrants, which he said would “mitigate the impact” they are having on normal operations.

Additionally, Gunter’s plan will focus on enhancing the surveillance capabilities of Customs & Border Protection (CBP), ending sanctuary locations that have harbored illegal migrants and refused to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as putting a stop to birthright citizenship. He said that he would push for the reinstatement of the remain-in-Mexico policy, noting that Sen. Rosen supported its termination. Under the policy, which began during the Trump administration, asylum seekers were returned to Mexico while their applications were processed.

Gunter does not have the backing of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which helps get preferred candidates elected. Instead, the committee is backing Republican candidate Sam Brown. The NRSC’s communications director recently spoke out publicly against Gunter, claiming that he was a Democrat posing as a Republican. Nevada’s primary election will take place on June 11, when voters will decide which candidate they want to see go head-to-head against Rosen.

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