Biden Admin Plants Operative In Fani Wallis’ Office

( – In an exclusive report, Breitbart News revealed that the Biden administration inserted one of the Democratic Party’s operatives into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office to go after former President Trump. The anonymous sources, who were fearful of retaliation, told Breitbart that Jeff DiSantis, who works as the Deputy District Attorney, colluded with the White House to set the wheels in motion to bring the charges against Trump. One of the sources said that DiSantis was “the one pulling the strings on this whole thing,” adding that Willis was “walled off” from the case.

DiSantis once worked for the Democratic National Committee and served as the Executive Director for the Democratic Party of Georgia. He also worked for Willis’ 2020 campaign. The sources also referenced Willis’ recent testimony to point out that she was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Breitbart reported that the sources said that DiSantis was heavily involved in grand juror selection, noting that he used voter registration data during the process. He was also involved in helping Willis choose her staff after she was elected. However, her colleague and alleged lover, Nathan Wade, was also involved in choosing Willis’s staff.

Breitbart reached out to Willis’s office for comment on the information obtained about DiSantis but received no response. Willis is already in hot water for what appears to be a misrepresentation about when the relationship between her and Wade began. New knowledge of his role in her transition team could also indicate that the relationship began before they claimed. The sources also told Breitbart that the pair were having an affair at least one year before Willis began investigating Trump and that DiSantis was also aware of when the affair began. Pending a decision from the judge, Willis could be removed from the case against Trump, which would undoubtedly provide positive optics for the 45th President’s defense.

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