Democrat Nate McMurray Under Fire For Wishing Death On Trump Supporters

( – Following the passage of the $61 billion Ukraine aid package in the House, a New York Democratic congressional candidate could not contain his excitement that the bill’s opposers had been defeated.

Nate McMurray gleefully posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Die MAGA die. You Lose.” He was instantly met with backlash from conservatives pointing out his thirst for war and the money and power that comes along with it. One user commented that McMurray had no problem supporting an allegedly corrupt country like Ukraine but wanted to see his fellow Americans die. McMurray responded by telling the user that he supported “a fat con man.” Another user projected that McMurray would be the first person to run and hide if the United States had another civil war.

House lawmakers also received heavy online criticism after a video showing members waving Ukrainian flags on the House floor went viral. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., was one of the many to post the video. He later revealed that he was threatened by the House Sergeant at Arms with a $500 fine if he did not remove the video from his X account. Massie accused House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., of ordering the threat. According to House rules, members are not supposed to post photos or videos on the House floor. However, Massie rightly pointed out that no one could prove that he recorded the video. He also shared a post from a Democratic lawmaker who was not threatened with a fine for posting a photo during the flag-waving event.

The $95 billion foreign aid bill also included $26.4 billion for Israel and $8.1 billion for U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific. Those portions of the bill passed with relative ease, although some hardliners have opposed any foreign aid until the southern border of the United States is secured. An additional bill allowed the sale of American-held Russian assets to provide more aid to Ukraine in the future.

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