Trump Promises to Rid Colleges of Radical Left

( – President Trump recently announced his Agenda 47 plan to remove the radical left’s grip on college campuses across the United States. 

In a signature video post on Truth Social, the 45th president said that he would guarantee the firing of those who have let higher education institutions “become dominated by Marxist maniacs and lunatics.” He discussed the endless increase in tuition and pointed out that indoctrinating students had become an obsession in higher education. He revealed that he would achieve his agenda through the “college accreditation system,” while explaining that the system had failed to prevent schools from taking advantage of attendees and American taxpayers. 

Trump explained that he would get rid of the current accreditors and seek new ones that will hold colleges accountable. Additionally, he said that he would make sure that colleges did away with useless administrative jobs that make college more expensive, while also working to defend the American way of life. He also vowed to end diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the college bureaucracy. Trump listed several additional requirements he would impose on colleges, including exams that would show whether a student learned anything while in college. The exams would also demonstrate whether the cost of tuition was worth the education received. 

Trump’s agenda would direct the Department of Justice to bring justice to victims of racial discrimination by colleges. He noted that colleges that continue to discriminate would be fined or have their endowments yanked. He said that some of the fines would be used to pay the victims. Later that day, he slammed administrators at Columbia University for cowering to the mob of anti-Israel protestors when it canceled in-person instruction until the end of the current semester. 

Trump told reporters that he thought the move was a mistake while taking questions after former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso arrived at Trump Tower in New York for a meeting. The rendezvous was one of many the former president has had with foreign leaders since becoming the GOP presumptive presidential nominee. 

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