Voight Slams Daughter Jolie Over Anti-Israel Stance

(LibertySociety.com) – Actor Jon Voight and his actress daughter Angelina Jolie often do not see eye to eye on political issues. The ongoing war in Israel is no different. Jolie recently made her opinion known in a social media post, joining many far-left radical Democrats in calling for a ceasefire. Jolie did condemn Hamas’s attack against Israel but said that there was no justification for “the innocent lives lost in bombing a civilian population in Gaza that has nowhere to go.” Voight expressed his disappointment in Jolie in one of his signature social media videos. He stated that now that war has broken out, it “can’t be civil now.”

In his video, Voight discussed the importance of Israel and how Hamas wanted to destroy the holy land. He argued that Israel had no choice but to protect the land and claimed that Jolie did not quite understand the situation. Jolie posted again about the situation in Gaza, insinuating that Israel was committing genocide against Palestinians. She joins a growing number of celebrity elites who have jumped on the bandwagon of compelling the Biden administration to urge Israel to de-escalate the situation. Several celebrities, including Joaquin Phoenix and Cate Blanchett, communicated their feelings to Biden in a letter. Comedian Jon Stewart and 52 other celebrities also signed their names to the request.

Members of the far-left progressive wing of the Democrat Party have also turned on President Biden, as they believe he is supporting genocide. Several have blamed Israel for the attack, claiming that the country has imprisoned Palestinians for decades. Democratic Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib released a video criticizing Biden for continuing to support Israel and threatened withdrawing support of his reelection. Tlaib has been the most vocal of “The Squad,” riling up protestors on Capitol Hill shortly before they swarmed into the Cannon Rotunda. Tlaib has refused to speak to reporters who have asked her to condemn the Hamas attacks, fleeing into her office and refusing to come out.

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