North Carolina Overrides Veto to Ban Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports

( – August 16 was a busy night for the North Carolina General Assembly, as the Republican majority House and Senate overrode several vetoes from Democrat Governor Roy Cooper. The first was a bill that lawmakers passed to protect women throughout their academic sports careers, banning those who claim to be transgender girls from participating in women’s sports. Another veto override was HB 808, which prevents medical professionals from providing puberty blockers, hormone treatments, or performing procedures on anyone under the age of 18 who may be confused about their gender.

The final override of the night was for a bill that requires schools to inform parents if their child is questioning their gender or begins using different pronouns. All three pieces of legislation became law and went into effect immediately. Governor Cooper attempted to blast the assembly for its actions in a Twitter post, stating that “The legislature finally comes back to pass legislation that discriminates,” spouting off on a host of other actions they could be taking, such as expanding Medicaid. He said that they should be working around the clock to get the state budget passed by the end of August.

North Carolina joins 22 other states that have banned medical professionals from providing life-altering medications and procedures to minors. The state’s athletic association will be required to change its policy now that the law has taken effect. A spokesperson shockingly offered no pushback, stating that they would comply with the law. The lack of outrage about the veto overrides has sparked speculation that businesses and Democrat lawmakers have picked up on the widespread bipartisan support for protecting children and women.

Republicans have been steadfast in blasting Democrats for failing to shield children from inappropriate-aged content in schools and controversial education programs. Democrats have shifted their focus to other topics such as abortion access and climate change in hopes of distracting from a losing battle when it comes to influencing school-aged American children.

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