Kari Lake Says Georgia Just Sealed Deal on Trump Presidency

(LibertySociety.com) – Former candidate for Arizona state Governor Kari Lake has been an ardent supporter of the 45th President, standing by his side when many others abandoned him. She has worked to expose voting irregularities and violations of election laws in Arizona and across the country. She travels to most Trump rallies to help further the America First movement and is rumored to be considering another run for public office.

Lake faced tough criticism from the mainstream media for aligning with Trump. She accused her opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, of sabotaging Republican-leaning voting centers on Election Day in 2022.

Shortly after learning that Trump had been indicted by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Lake posted her reaction on X, formerly known as Twitter. Lake tagged Trump in her post, stating that he “said he only needed one more indictment to win the presidency,” adding that “Georgia just sealed the deal.” She blasted the corrupt practices of the justice system when it comes to anything having to do with Trump, noting that the American people are wise to their tactics. Willis indicted Trump and 18 others on August 14 for their roles in allegedly attempting to overturn the election results in Georgia.

On the day of the indictment, Willis came under fire for what appeared to be a leak of the charges against Trump, which were briefly posted to the court’s website. The clerk initially claimed that the document was fictitious, prompting Trump’s attorneys to release a statement blasting Willis for violating his constitutional rights. The attorneys said that the DA should be the only official with access to the potential charges. The clerk changed her explanation of what happened the following day, claiming that she was doing a trial run to ensure that the system could handle the potentially large indictment. However, the charges that were ultimately handed down match the charges that the clerk had allegedly erroneously docketed.

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