Biden’s Appliance Attacks May Hit American Wallets

( – The Biden administration has made it increasingly clear that its goal is to force Americans to adopt its radical climate agenda policies. With the acknowledgment that these changes will increase the price of basically every household appliance, the Biden administration wants Americans to believe that the hit on their wallets is worth the 0.2 degrees Celsius decrease in global temperature within the next 77 years. The newest encroachment on household appliance freedoms is the regulation of the type of light bulb that Americans can purchase. The Biden administration has threatened to fine any manufacturer that is caught making a traditional light bulb.

A new rule for dishwashers has also been proposed, which will result in longer wash times and higher prices for the staple appliance. Americans will be lucky to save just $17 per year in energy costs. Another proposal for gas stoves will also force retailers to pull their stock of virtually all stoves on their shelves. Manufacturers will have to spend more to produce a lower-performing redesign of their stoves, and Americans will ultimately pay higher prices for the supposed energy-efficient appliance. While the Biden administration previously claimed that they were not targeting gas stoves, some localities have already passed new statutes that will force contractors to forego installing gas hookups in new builds.

The Biden administration is also attempting to force Americans to buy all-electric vehicles, with an increased price tag of up to $25,000 higher than a gas-powered vehicle. Some rules have been blocked by various courts across the nation, including the Supreme Court. That is not stopping Biden and his climate crisis-embracing agencies from attempting to enact every rule imaginable to force Americans to conform to their agenda. Critics of the rules have argued there will be no meaningful environmental benefits that come with the changes. They believe that middle and lower-class Americans will unnecessarily suffer because Biden is continuously caving to the pressures of the most radical wing of the Democrat Party.

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