Tucker Carlson Suggests Trump’s Life Might Be in Danger

(LibertySociety.com) – Tucker Carlson’s August 23 interview with former President Trump on X, formerly known as Twitter, took the world by storm as they countered the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate. With 263 million impressions since the interview aired, it likely garnered more viewers than Fox’s 12 million viewers who watched the televised debate.

During the interview, Carlson asked the former President twice if he believed that the people who were coming after him would try to kill him. After both attempts to get a response, Trump refrained from giving a direct answer. He repeated an accusation that he has thrown over the last 6 years, telling Carlson that “They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick.”

Carlson brought up the subject again during an appearance on Adam Carolla’s YouTube show. He recounted how the effort by the Washington D.C. establishment to take down Trump has escalated over the years, from merely criticizing him all the way to indicting him. Carlson told Carolla to “Graph it out, man. We are speeding towards assassination, obviously.” He expressed how he believes that no other conclusion can be made, as both political parties in Washington D.C. believe “that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have it.”

Carlson criticized Trump’s indictment by the Department of Justice for challenging the results of the 2020 election, appalled that they are attempting to send him to prison for it. He said that the United States Department of State would be up in arms if a government in another country attempted such a thing. He believes that those going after Trump will stop at nothing to prevent him from winning again, potentially because they know he will come after them once he is back in the Oval Office. Carlson’s speculation about that has already proven to be correct, with Trump saying on August 29 that there would be no other option but to legally target those who are wrongfully going after him.

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