Trump’s Judgment Bond of $454M Halved in Court of Appeals Ruling

( – Just hours before his $454 million bond was set to be due, a New York appeals court decreased former President Trump’s bond down to $175 million, stipulating the amount on his ability to make the payment within 10 days. He agreed to follow the Court’s decision and told reporters that he would be paying the bond in cash. New York Attorney General Letitia James already started the process of seizing Trump’s assets in the state to cover the bond payment, but her efforts will be pointless if Trump pays up.

Trump blasted Judge Engoron in a Truth Social post, remarking on his various failures to follow decisions by the Appellate Division. He noted that it was “the 5th time in this case that he has been overturned, a record.” Trump also pointed out that the appeals court cutting his bond amount “shows how ridiculous and outrageous Engoron’s original decision was at $450 million.” He argued in capital letters that he had committed no wrongdoing and that the state should not be subjected to a similar situation in the future. He called for the matter to swiftly be completely resolved.

Trump also said that Engoron and James should have to explain why he assessed Mar-a-Lago far below its real value. He asked how and why James forced Engoron to give a lowball number to give credit to her claims. One of Trump’s attorneys, Christopher Kise, said that the ruling by the appeals court was a great way to start the process of reversing Engoron’s judgment. He added that Trump was anticipating that his appeal argument would prove that the ruling was incorrect and would be overturned.

James has not lost hope in her pursuit of ruining Trump, with a spokesperson claiming that Trump would still be held accountable and that the judgment was still valid. Trump is currently appealing the judgment and has promised to take the case to the United States Supreme Court if that is what it takes to resolve the matter.

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