Trump Calls For Frequent Debates With Biden

( – Former President Trump’s campaign sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates on April 11, asking for three tentatively scheduled debates to be moved up so that they take place before early voting begins. The letter was sent by Trump’s Co-Campaign Managers, Susan Wiles and Chris LaCivita. Additionally, the pair suggested that the Commission schedule more debates. They pointed out that Trump was ready to debate Biden, adding that “the time to start these debates is now.”

The letter listed the three scheduled debates, the first of which is set to occur on September 16. Trump’s campaign noted that more than 1 million voters would have likely already voted by that time. The second debate is scheduled for October 1, which his campaign said would be after more than 3 million voters had cast their ballots. The third debate is set to occur on October 9, which would be after around 8.7 million Americans had already voted, according to his campaign.

The letter also recounted the biased nature of the 2020 presidential debates and how the Commission catered to nearly every demand of Biden’s campaign. Trump’s campaign urged the Commission to make sure that an impartial and fair procedure was followed in 2024. The Republican National Committee (RNC) also released a statement urging the Commission to move up the debates. RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and Co-Chairman Lara Trump wrote that holding the debates after early voting had begun “does a grave disservice to voters” who are seeking solutions to the current state of the country.

Biden’s campaign has not committed to debating Trump, but various polls have shown that Americans want to see the pair go head-to-head on the debate stage. One Fox News poll showed that voters believed that Biden would appear to be weak if he declined to debate Trump. Most mainstream news networks recently signed a letter in support of the debates.

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