Senator Blackburn Pushes Initiative To Defund NPR

( – Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn joined in on calls to defund NPR in a statement to Fox News, just days after one of its long-time editors was suspended after publishing a blistering rebuke of the taxpayer-subsidized outlet.

Blackburn said that she was planning to introduce a legislative action to cut the outlet’s funding, writing that “NPR has led the pack” of mainstream media outlets that have “become obsessed with doing the Left’s bidding.” She wrote that the American people should not be forced to fund an outlet that pushes leftist propaganda while also refusing to represent conservative voices in the United States.

Uri Berliner was suspended after publishing an essay in the Free Press that criticized NPR’s bias and the extremely disproportionate political views of its staff. NPR claimed that Berliner was suspended for violating company policy regarding publishing stories for other news outlets, but Berliner said that he was ignored by management on several occasions before he decided to write the essay. His suspension was his final warning, according to NPR, which said he would be fired if he violated the outlet’s policy again. Berliner ultimately resigned, offering sharp criticism of NPR’s new leftist CEO, Katherine Maher.

In the House, Representative Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, has been working to advance similar legislation to defund NPR. A spokesperson for the Congressman said that he had introduced a bill several times, including during the current Republican-led Congress. Since Berliner’s suspension, Jackson has sought additional co-sponsors to try and push the measure to a vote.

Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles also provided a statement to Fox News, writing that the body should exercise its oversight of the outlet, especially after Berliner’s claims and his suspension. He added that NPR should be a neutral source of information for the American people because it is funded by tax dollars. A spokesperson for Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said that his office was looking at options to initiate the end of NPR’s public funding.

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