Man Charged With Killing Uber Driver He Suspected Of Scamming Him

( – An Uber delivery driver named Loletha Hall, 61, was shot and killed by 81-year-old Williams Brock while attempting to retrieve a package she was sent to pick up from his residence on March 25. The incident occurred in South Charleston, Ohio, shortly after Brock was threatened by a phone scammer who was attempting to extort him. The scammers filled out an Uber application for a package pickup and were then connected with Hall. Shortly after Hall arrived at Brock’s home, he pointed a gun at her and demanded she tell him the names of the people who sent her to his home.

Dash camera footage from her vehicle captured the initial contact on video, but the two walked out of sight shortly afterward. However, the audio picked up Hall telling him that she was going to call 911 if he did not stop. A gunshot was then heard as Brock said, “Nope. You’re not leaving.” He demanded Hall give him her phone, but five more rounds were fired as she screamed for help. Brock then told Hall that he was going to shoot her in the head. She begged him, “Don’t do that. Please don’t.” Hall tried to get in her vehicle and leave but Brock shot her again.

Authorities said that Brock called 911 to report the incident, claiming that he had shot someone who was trying to rob him. Brock initially faced one murder charge for Hall’s death but was indicted with more charges on April 15. He pleaded not guilty to three felony murder charges, as well as felony assault and a kidnapping charge. He was being held at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office but was released on April 17 after posting a $200,000 bail. Uber said it had banned the account that ordered the delivery service and that the company was working with investigators to identify the scammers. Hall was a retired mother and a devout Christian who was known for baking delicious pound cakes.

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