Biden Says He Is Open to Debating Trump

( – President Biden sat for a Sirius XM interview with Howard Stern on April 26, during which he finally revealed whether he would debate former President Trump.

Over the last several months, Biden and his spokespeople have given vague responses or outright ignored questions about a head-to-head matchup between the two candidates. Trump has challenged Biden to debate on many occasions, most notably when he pointed to an empty podium with a microphone at a rally in Wisconsin and told the crowd that he had reserved the spot for Biden. Trump has also adopted the phrase, “anytime, anywhere, anyplace” in recent weeks.

Mainstream media outlets initiated a pressure campaign last month to agree to Trump’s proposal, and 72 percent of respondents to one poll said that Biden would appear weak if he declined to debate Trump. Stern seemingly revealed his stance when he sought confirmation from Biden that he would not debate Trump. Instead, Biden responded, “I am, somewhere. I am happy to debate him.” Trump responded to Biden’s long-awaited concession in a Truth Social post. He repeated his new favorite phrase but noted that Biden’s words were likely empty. He challenged Biden to debate during his Michigan rally, but then suggested they meet up at the courthouse in New York City that night while they were both in The Big Apple.

Biden’s interview with Stern was fact-checked in real-time by State Freedom Caucus Network Communications Director Greg Price and others. Biden lied about his football stats, lied about saving people from drowning when he worked as a lifeguard, lied about handing over lewd photographs of women to the Secret Service when he was a senator and did not have Secret Service protection, and lied about being arrested when he was a child standing on the back porch with a black family pre-desegregation. Stern gave zero pushback to any of Biden’s claims. As the interview progressed, photos of Stern wearing blackface began circulating on social media. In addition, an audio clip of Stern asking disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein if he ever offered movie roles in exchange for lewd activities.

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