Trump Believes Biden is Crushing American Hopes

( – Former President Donald Trump spoke at the Turning Point Action conference in Florida on July 15, where his predominant message was aimed at younger voters, whom he believes are unable to achieve the American dream because of President Biden’s policies. He spoke about the skyrocketing interest rates on mortgages which are preventing Gen Z and Millennials from owning a home, in addition to a decrease in wages over the last two years. He applauded Charlie Kirk for his efforts with Turning Point, stating that it is “one of the most powerful grassroots organizations in the nation.”

The 45th President encouraged attendees to get out and recruit new conservative voters, claiming that the 2024 election will be paramount to the future of the country and remarking on the permanent damage that will be done if President Biden is re-elected. He warned about the intentions of the radical Democrats who have adopted Marxist ideologies, as he believes they aim to destroy the United States and turn it into a fascist nation. He told the audience that young conservatives must not allow President Biden to win another term in the White House, as their votes can “propel America to glorious new heights.”

The former president laid out his agenda that will undo every damaging thing that he believes the Biden administration has done to the United States, including making America energy independent and tackling high mortgage and automobile interest rates, which he says will restore the American dream. He spoke about how the left has taken over the education system, forcing radical ideologies into K-12 classrooms and universities. He said that he will withhold federal funding from schools that continue to teach students to hate America, which he says will put a stop to the radical indoctrination of the youth.

Trump concluded his speech with his plan to get rid of the corruption within federal agencies, especially those whom he believes have weaponized the government against American citizens. He also said that he will expose government corruption by declassifying documents that will show the American people what they have been up to for many years. Trump received 87.5% of the vote from the Turning Point straw poll conducted at the event.

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