Dance Team Forced Out of Competition for Wearing ‘Triggering’ U.S. Flag Shirts

( – The Borderline Dance Squad was reportedly given an ultimatum to either change clothes or sit out at a recent dance conference in Seattle. The Seattle-based squad was shocked after it was told that their American flag shirts had made some members of the audience feel “triggered and unsafe.” The group was invited to the conference over the last three years and decided that this year was their year. In a Facebook post, the squad wrote that the team was told upon arrival that their “flag tops were offensive.”

The squad speculated that audience members were offended because they held pro-Palestine views and disagreed with the way that the United States was handling the Israel-Hamas war. Additionally, the squad said that the people who were offended likely subscribed to the transgender movement. They claimed that they were offered the chance to wear old shirts from previous Emerald City Hoedown conferences but opted out of performing altogether. The squad said that the West Coast Country Heat squad also declined to perform in a show of solidarity with them.

The squad said that they decided to leave the conference in a classy way because “being an American means true FREEDOM,” even for the organizers of the event. The squad noted that most of the event organizers were supportive but that they clearly experienced discrimination because of their shirts. Squad co-captain Lindsay Stamp told “The Jason Rantz Show” that her team was not political, they were just patriotic.

Rain Country Dance Association President Ziadee Cambier wrote in a Facebook comment that the Borderline Dance Squad was not disqualified or asked to leave. She wrote that the association was communicating with the team captains who were scheduled to perform. Cambier continued, claiming that the association was disabling the comments on its post “while we are mending our relationships directly” with the affected squads. Stamp disagreed with Cambier’s recollection of the incident.

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