Sununu Says a Vote for Trump is a Vote for Harris

( – Fresh off of his August 21 anti-Trump op-ed for the New York Times, New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu was gleefully welcomed by former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for an interview on MSNBC. The interview began with Psaki pointing out that former President Trump’s legal woes were not mentioned until almost an hour into the debate. To Psaki’s dismay, Sununu became excited about the notion, explaining why he believes that the Republican Party is focused on moving on from the former president instead of continuously rehashing the past. Psaki pushed back on Sununu, noting that the massive lead Trump holds over all other candidates should place his problems at the forefront.

Sununu shifted to discussing the candidates who participated in the debate, praising Vivek Ramaswamy for his successful night. Sununu and Psaki both agreed that Americans likely found Ramaswamy to be interesting, with Psaki saying that many people had not ever heard of him until they saw him on the debate stage. She went on to falsely claim that Ramaswamy said that climate change was a hoax, asking Sununu if he would be comfortable with the nominee for his party holding that belief. However, Ramaswamy never said that climate change was a hoax, but that the agenda behind climate change activism was a hoax.

Instead of correcting Psaki’s false assertion, Sununu told Psaki that Ramaswamy’s stance on certain issues was different than his, but shifted the conversation back to Trump. He claimed that any of the candidates who participated in the debate could beat President Biden, but that voting for Trump would be “effectively handing it to Kamala Harris potentially down the road.” Notably, Sununu did not mention South Carolina Senator Tim Scott or former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when naming the candidates whom he thought performed well during the debate.

Psaki shifted the conversation to the potentially damaging effect of Trump’s Fulton County mugshot, with Sununu proclaiming that Trump would love having even more attention on himself. He said that Trump is only focused on winning the nomination but reiterated that there is no way he will win in November 2024.

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