Spokesperson Issues Statement Defending Hunter Biden Business Venture

Hunter Biden Finally Admits to Making Millions in Chinese Deals

(LibertySociety.com) – A spokesman for President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, issued a statement in response to allegations made by Representative James Comer, R-Ky., who is conducting an investigation of the Biden family and their various foreign business entanglements. Rep. Comer previously stated that he has potentially pegged several different violations of law, including money laundering and wire fraud, also discovering that Hallie Biden, Hunter’s late-brother Beau Biden’s wife, who was romantically involved with Hunter at the time, as another person benefitting from the funds received from a Chinese company through an associate.

According to a statement reported by Breitbart News, the spokesperson for Hunter defended his right to engage in the business deal, as he is a private citizen. He went on to claim that Rep. Comer had formulated a “wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy,” in response to his revelation that whistleblowers told him directly that the LLCs were “paying for things for Joe Biden.” Breitbart contributor Peter Schweizer spoke to Fox News, saying that the story from the Biden family has changed multiple times since the Chinese business venture was made public, as they initially denied the existence of the deal.

Hunter Biden’s spokesperson confirmed in the statement that the President’s son was paid, labeling the payments as money received to start the venture, claiming their legitimacy. Schweizer, who has reported on the Biden family business deals since 2018, spoke to Fox News about how the changing stories will backfire, telling Fox that there is more to come. Most recently, a White House spokesperson has accused Rep. Comer of going after Beau’s widow, labeling claims against her an “attack.”

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