Sheriff Stripped of Duties By Federal Judge

( – Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner of Hot Spring County, Arkansas is in hot water after being arrested on November 2 and charged with obstruction of justice and concealing a crime. U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant ordered Finkbeiner to steer clear of the office and give up all duties related to law enforcement.

Finkbeiner’s compliance with the order will reportedly keep him from being jailed until his case goes to trial. After his indictment, he was released on $5,000 bail and is currently only allowed to work on employee payroll. Finkbeiner allegedly attempted to obstruct an FBI investigation into a drug dealer, but he has pleaded not guilty and publicly denied any wrongdoing.

An FBI agent submitted a sworn statement accusing Finkbeiner of attempting to convince FBI agents to stop investigating a drug dealer who allegedly provided him with methamphetamine. Federal agents also alleged that an audio recording exists of Finkbeiner meeting up with a confidential informant on May 21 at 2 a.m. to smoke meth. He also allegedly asked the informant to engage in intercourse. Two months later, on August 21, Finkbeiner discovered a camera outside of the house during another visit. He called the FBI agents who were investigating the dealer and claimed that the dealer was an informant for his office. Finkbeiner attempted to reassure the FBI agents, stating, “he ain’t moving a bunch of drug weight.”

Finkbeiner also reportedly tried to interfere with the investigation into him, including threatening to terminate any employees for cooperating with the FBI, as well as witness intimidation. He also allegedly tried to bribe an inmate, offering his release in exchange for information about what investigators had said about his case. He told local police officers and state prosecutors that the FBI was obstructing an investigation he was conducting. Finkbeiner posted from the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page to deny the accusations against him, encouraging the public to go to the trial and learn the truth about what really happened.

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