Robert Kennedy Criticizes Biden Administration’s Border Policies

Robert Kennedy Calls Out Biden Administration Border Crisis

( – President Joe Biden’s prominent challenger in the 2024 Democratic Primary Election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., expressed sharp criticism of the Biden administration’s policy decisions regarding the crisis at the southern border during an interview on WABC 7. Kennedy is pro-immigration but believes that the border should also be secure. He criticized the situation at the border under Biden, which he stated is a result of bad policies that “have hurt children and have created a humanitarian crisis,” according to the interview.

Kennedy also criticized the relationship with countries south of the southern border, stating, “The US has been involved in wars in virtually every country in Central America,” while noting that the only exception is Costa Rica. President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has often called out the Biden administration for criticizing policy decisions made in El Salvador, while also accusing the United States government of being hypocritical for doing the same things that they lecture other countries about.

Kennedy is mounting an effort to take on Biden, running an aggressive online and news media campaign. According to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll released in April, Kennedy has the support of around 14% of voters who previously backed Biden. The only other major candidate currently seeking the Democratic nomination is Marianne Williamson, who polled in the single digits.

Kennedy is not the only non-Republican to call out the Biden administration regarding the border. With Title 42 ending this past week, there have been concerns about migrants are flooding the southern border, overwhelming border patrol agents, while also creating a logistical nightmare. Independent Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema in particular recently criticized the Biden administration for its methods. Other lawmakers have proposed legislation that will allow Title 42 to be used to stop the flow of fentanyl across the southern border, but debates over the proposal have not occurred in Congress.

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