Razor Blades Discovered at Gas Stations in North Carolina

NC Police Find Razor Blades on Gas Pump Handles

(LibertySociety.com) – When Americans go to the gas pump, the foremost thing on most people’s minds is how much they’re going to spend to fill up the tank. Drivers pull up to the station and grab the handle without giving it a second thought. But an discovery in North Carolina could give people pause at the pump.

On January 24, Fox Carolina reported that police in western North Carolina were warning drivers in the Forest City area about the discovery of razor blades strategically placed on the handle part of some gas pumps. Customers notified authorities, who are working with inspectors from the Department of Agriculture to investigate.

Although there haven’t been any reports of injuries, authorities are suggesting people check pump handles before filling up their tanks. The blades were on the part where a person would squeeze to release the gas into the vehicle.

According to data reported by Area Vibes from 2020, Forest City has a high crime rate when compared to the rest of the nation. Violent crime is reportedly 23% higher, and property crime was a whopping 320% more than the average across the US. Considering razor blades could lead to potentially dangerous injuries, their placement is an alarming cause for concern. Though the Department of Agriculture has stated that it’s likely not a very widespread problem, customers are urged to use caution at the pump.

This isn’t the first time people have used razor blades to cause harm. In October 2022, perpetrators booby-trapped some political signs in Pennsylvania with them, and a month later, in Oregon, suspects hid blades in some Halloween candy.

Local police reported they found the razor blades in several different locations in and around Forest City and don’t yet have a suspect. Officials will be reviewing video from the gas stations to see if they can find the perpetrator.

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