Putin Personally Intervened To Help Free Russian-Israeli Man

(LibertySociety.com) -Russian President Vladimir Putin negotiated a deal for the release of a Russian-Israeli hostage who had previously escaped before being recaptured by Hamas terrorists. Ron Krivoi was working as a sound technician at the Supernova festival on October 7 when the deadly attack began. Unlike many other hostages who were held in the tunnel systems under the Gaza Strip, Krivoi was kept in a residential building. He briefly escaped after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) bombed the building, but he was located and handed back over to Hamas after four days of freedom.

Krivoi was added to the third group of hostages that were released during the four-day ceasefire made possible by Qatari officials. During a radio interview on KAN’s Reshet Bet, Krivoi’s aunt said that he was trying to get out of Gaza when he briefly escaped but “didn’t have the capacity to understand where he was or where he needed to go.” She said that Krivoi told her that he was still having nightmares about being held in captivity, but that “everything is all right now.” Upon his release, he received medical treatment for injuries sustained after the building collapsed from the IDF’s bomb.

A fourth round of hostage releases took place on November 27, freeing 11 Israeli women and children. Israel officials agreed to add an additional day to the ceasefire each time Hamas released 10 hostages. The terrorist group agreed to two additional days of hostage releases. As of November 29, the ceasefire was in its sixth day. One American citizen was released, along with 15 other hostages.

Israel has also agreed to release far more Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the hostage releases. A group of 30 women and children were among the prisoners who were freed in exchange for the 16 Hamas hostages. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William Burns arrived in Qatar on November 28 to help broker another extension of the agreement between Israel and Hamas.

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