Oklahoma Governor Wants to Eliminate State Income Tax

(LibertySociety.com) – As the pandemic public benefits began to wind down, governors across the nation started looking for ways to put more money into the pockets of Americans. While Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a major income-tax-cut package in October 2022, neighboring Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt wants to do away with state income tax altogether.

During an interview on Fox Business, Stitt discussed the massive budget surplus that the state has built up, stating that “now is the time to give that back to the people.” He is looking to make Oklahoma more attractive for businesses, expressing his plan to gradually lower the 4.75 percent state income tax to zero. Stitt stated that the economy in Oklahoma is “booming right now, but it could be going even better” if the income tax was lowered.

Oklahoma would be joining eight other states if Stitt is successful in cutting the income tax to zero. He also wants to lower the amount of tax that people pay on groceries, which he says would be another way to immediately provide relief for struggling Oklahomans. Only 12 states in the country charge a grocery tax, and Stitt believes that taking action now would help reduce the burden that prolonged inflation has caused. The cost of groceries increased by 0.3 percent in July but is still 3.6 percent higher than one year ago.

Earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to tout the success of Bidenomics, falsely claiming that costs are decreasing for Americans. A recent CNN poll has caused panic among Democrats, as 63 percent of Americans do not agree with President Biden’s handling of the economy. During an appearance on CNN, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Jamie Harrison reiterated Democrat California Representative Nancy Pelosi’s recent suggestion to improve the president’s approval ratings. Harrison said that President Biden is polling lower because Americans have not been told that their lives are better because of his policies. He too, believes it is a messaging issue and not directly related to the impact higher costs are having on Americans’ wallets.

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