Nearly Half Believe US Overspending In Ukraine, Per Poll

( – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made another trip to the United States in an appeal to Congress for more financial and military assistance before lawmakers leave for the holidays. Shortly after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, the Biden administration urged Congress to pass an aid package that included assistance for Ukraine and Israel. Senate Republicans blocked legislation that did just that in the first week of December because it did not include sufficient funding to address the crisis at the southern border of the United States. Zelenskyy met with Senators and asked for $61 billion in aid, piling on to the previous $113 billion the United States sent since the war began.

Just ahead of Zelenskyy’s visit, a new Financial Times-Michigan Ross poll was released that revealed how Americans felt about the amount of money given to the war-torn nation. While there was division among party lines, 48 percent of Americans felt that the United States was spending too much for Ukraine aid. Only 27 percent of respondents felt that the United States was spending the correct amount, and 11 percent believed that there was not enough spent. A whopping 65 percent of Republicans and nearly half of Independent voters felt that the United States was sending too much money to Ukraine. Thirty-two percent of Democrats felt the same.

The poll also asked respondents about the amount of aid sent to Israel, with 40 percent of Americans believing that the United States was spending too much. Thirty percent believed that the amount spent was just right. Back in November, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declined to bring a House-passed bill to the floor that provided aid for Israel that did not include anything for Ukraine. Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance left the Zelenskyy meeting just after he began taking questions from lawmakers. He told the press that he had not changed his mind on providing more aid for the country, indicating that Zelenskyy is facing an uphill battle with Congress.

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