McCarthy Says House Will Not Pass Omnibus Spending Bills

Omnibus Spending Bills Ending Under Republican House Control

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has a goal of taking Congress back to its roots by putting an end to the giant spending bills like the 1.7 trillion dollar bill that was passed a month before Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives. With the help of 18 Republican Senators, the over 4,100 page bill was passed. According to Fox News, Representative Chip Roy, R-Texas, blasted lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as the passage of the bill was being debated, stating that the fraudulent actions of Congress were “being perpetrated on the American people right before their eyes.”

According to new House rules adopted in the 118th Congress, no new spending bills will be passed that require additional spending over a certain period, in addition to any new spending being covered by cuts in other places. Republicans have vowed to debate new spending bills within committees instead of one or two people approving them and demanding an immediate vote.

Speaker McCarthy is also discussing an approach that would demand committees in both chambers to debate all spending bills, which could lead to fewer spending proposals by Democrats who hold a slim majority in the Senate. Speaker McCarthy voiced his confidence in the matter, stating that “I think we’ve got to get back to the foundation, the way Congress and the Senate was designed.”

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has vowed to make good on the Republicans’ commitment to America, by recently unveiling a slim, 200-page bill called the Lower Energy Costs Act, which is designed to increase energy and mineral production, lowering costs for Americans. Scalise and other members of the House held a press conference on March 21st, 2023, describing the details of the legislation to the American people.

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