Manchin Considers Leaving Democrats Behind

( – As the 2024 election season nears, candidates up for re-election are announcing their intentions for the next Congress. Such is not the case for West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who has yet to say if he will seek re-election. He has done little to squash rumors of a potential bid for the White House and often says that nothing is off the table when questioned about it. He has publicly expressed his frustration with the direction that the Democratic Party is going during interviews and press releases. His affiliation with the group No Labels has sparked controversy among Democrats who believe a third-party ticket will only ensure that former President Trump wins in 2024. Senator Manchin has been affiliated with the group for many years but has been extra cozy with them in recent months.

Democrats have come out swinging against No Labels, accusing the group of confusing voters and dividing the Democrat Party. The group is attempting to get on the ballot in all fifty states, but Democrats around the country have mounted an effort to stop it. The group believes that a significant amount of people are not on board with the extremes in both parties and is looking to put forth a bipartisan ticket. No Labels claims that it will not act as a spoiler if the support is not there, but Democrats are not too sure the group will follow through with a promise to pull its candidates from the ballot. Arizona Democrats have sued the group and the Arizona Secretary of State, as they believe No Labels is a “dark money” group.

Between headlining an event for the group in July, refraining from announcing a Senate re-election campaign, and recently saying that he has been contemplating leaving the Democratic Party, Senator Manchin has his colleagues worried. During a local West Virginia radio interview, Manchin reiterated that he is “not a Washington Democrat,” remarking that “the brand has become so bad.” Should Manchin forego a presidential bid, he will be facing an uphill battle to beat his Republican opponent, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, to keep his Senate seat.

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