He’s Gone — Bobi Dies at 31

(LibertySociety.com) – At 31 years and 165 days, Bobi of Portugal became the oldest dog in the world, surpassing the record set by a female Australian cattle dog, Bluey, in 1939. Rosalie and Les Hall owned Bluey. She passed away when she was 29.

According to Leonel Costa, his owner, the dog had a long life because he was free to roam the countryside, never walked on a leash, and only ever ate “human food.”

With his fur thinning, vision deteriorating, and increased need for rest, Bobi had been less daring in his walks in the years leading up to his death, but he still liked going.

Bobi, a Portuguese mastiff, lived an unprecedentedly long life expectancy for a dog and that breed in particular.

Veterinarians were in amazement at first, but they quickly became skeptical, questioning if a dog could survive for 200 human years.

His narrative was called “miraculous” by Guinness World Records. But now the integrity of the Portuguese mastiff’s reported 31 years and 165 days of life is being examined by Guinness World Records. Photographs of Bobi from 1999, showing him with paws of a different hue than the dog that passed away in Portugal on October 21st, have been the subject of considerable examination on the internet.

Experts say that a dog’s colorization often changes throughout their life. Hair gets darker than in puppyhood, then it gets much lighter in old age, just like a human’s head of hair.

According to Danny Chambers, a veterinarian and council member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, “not a single one of my veterinary colleagues think Bobi was genuinely 31 years old.”

This statement was made about the 18,000 members of the Veterinary Voices group that Chambers oversees. He continued by saying that anti-pet-food extremists have used Bobi to support their long-standing claims that dog food is harmful and that raw feeding is better for dogs, citing the mastiff’s diet of human flesh as evidence.

Controversy aside, the dog, known as Bobi, has passed away.

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