Embattled Music Mogul Steps Away From Network’s Board

(LibertySociety.com) – The passage of the New York Adult Survivors Act of 2022 prompted many alleged victims of wanton assault to come forward and file civil lawsuits against alleged offenders. The law was designed for victims who never reported or pressed charges against their aggressors, allowing the statute of limitations to run out. The law gave victims one year to file, and it expired on November 24. Former President Trump, actor Jamie Foxx, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams were all hit with lawsuits from previous alleged victims since New York Governor Katy Hochul signed the act into law.

Sean “P Diddy” Combs was slapped with civil suits by three women who said they were sexually assaulted by him. Shortly after the suits were filed, Combs stepped down from his role as the chairman of the media network Revolt. One alleged victim was his former girlfriend, Casandra Ventura, who claimed Combs raped, abused, and subjected her to trafficking in 2018. She and Combs settled the lawsuit the day after it was filed. Combs’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, said that the settlement “was in no way an admission of wrongdoing.” Combs denied the accusations by Ventura on several occasions.

Following Ventura’s suit, Joie Dickerson-Neal also sued Combs, claiming that he assaulted her in 1991 when she was attending Syracuse University. She claimed that she had dinner with Combs and rode with him while he was running errands. Later that night, he allegedly drugged her and proceeded to assault her against her will. Combs’s spokesperson denied the claims and accused her of filing the suit for monetary gain. On the same day that Dickerson-Neal filed the suit, a Jane Doe victim also sued Combs. She accused him and singer Aaron Hall of wantonly assaulting her in 1990 or 1991 while she was at Hall’s apartment. Combs’s spokesperson again accused the Jane Doe of attempting to financially gain by filing the lawsuit right before the one-year expiration. The spokesperson said that Combs’s celebrity status made him a target for people to make anonymous claims against him.

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