Donald Trump Jr. Says Ukraine Has ‘Lost’

( – In a bold and controversial move, Donald Trump Jr. has taken to social media to criticize the U.S. government’s foreign policy and express his belief that Ukraine’s war against Russia is “already lost.” This comes after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had suggested that American soldiers would be sent to fight in Ukraine if military funding for the country was not continued.

Using his platform on X, previously known as Twitter, Trump Jr. unleashed a scathing attack on Austin, telling him to “Go F*** Yourself!” and questioning the need for endless funding of a war with no clear path to victory. He also criticized NATO for relying on America to bear the financial burden while reaping the benefits.

According to Trump Jr., Ukraine has already lost the war, and the funds provided by the U.S. are merely prolonging their struggle. His comments have sparked widespread debate and raised questions about the effectiveness of ongoing support for Ukraine.

The White House and Austin have not officially responded to Carlson’s accusation, which he claims came from a classified briefing. However, Austin’s office did state that they would not engage with tweets from television pundits and reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Security expert Dr. Rod Thornton from King’s College London agrees that the conflict in Ukraine has reached a stalemate, with no significant changes expected in the coming months. He predicts a “frozen conflict” where Russia maintains control over some regions of Ukraine while the front lines remain unchanged. However, Thornton also believes that Ukraine will retain a functioning government in Kyiv, maintaining its ties to the West.

The White House has consistently emphasized the importance of funding Ukraine to prevent a potential victory for Vladimir Putin’s Russia. If Ukraine were to fall, it would open the door for Putin to expand further and potentially annex the country. This would also increase the number of NATO members sharing a border with Russian-occupied land, triggering a response under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which requires members to defend one another in the event of an attack.

The issue of funding for Ukraine has become a contentious topic in the House of Representatives, with some far-right Republicans aligned with former President Donald Trump advocating for a reduction or complete halt to the financial support. They argue that the billions spent on Ukraine could be better utilized elsewhere.

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, has strongly advocated for continued funding, warning of the potential consequences if Putin were to gain control of Ukraine. Kirby emphasized the importance of maintaining Ukraine’s ability to push back against Russian aggression without direct military intervention from foreign powers.

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