Bank of America Subpoenaed in House Probe of Biden Family

Bank of America Subpoenaed in House Probe of Biden Family

( – Representative James Comer, R-KY, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has taken another step forward in his investigation of the business dealings and potential crimes of the Biden family. Rep. Comer previously announced that he would be pursuing investigations into nine potential violations of law, including FARA violations, money laundering, and wire fraud. He reported back in February that the investigation was being held up by resistance from the Treasury Department, in addition to Hunter Biden’s refusal to turn over requested documents.

The subpoena sent to Bank of America is for 14 years of financial records of three business associates of the Biden family who took part in an energy deal with a Chinese company called CEFC. The bank has complied with the subpoena, which will allow the Oversight Committee to tie up many loose ends that were previously unknown. One editorial from the New York Post stated the CEFC was intended to entrap small countries in energy deals with China, seeking to “overtake the United States as the world’s economic superpower.”

On March 16, subpoenaed financial records revealed that Hunter Biden associate Rob Walker wired payments totaling around $1.3 million to members of the Biden family. This came not long after a Chinese company sent $3 million to Walker. Another business partner, Tony Bobulinski, turned over emails showing “10% held by H for the big guy,” from March 2017 as money Hunter would be holding to give to his father. President Biden has denied on multiple occasions that he discussed his son’s business dealings with him, but 2022 reports suggested he has met with a number of Hunter’s associates in the past.

Representative Comer has garnered some wins during the course of the investigation, with documents to be turned over by the former Biden family “moneyman” and a former executive assistant of then VP Joe Biden scheduled to give an interview to the committee. The House Oversight Committee is also currently reviewing suspicious bank reports involving the Biden family with permission from the Treasury Department.

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