Archivist Nominee Faces Whistleblower Allegations

Archivist Nominee Under Fire Again After Whistleblower Allegations

( – Less than a month after Biden’s second attempt to get Senate confirmation of his nominee for Archivist of the United States at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Dr. Colleen Shogan is facing scrutiny yet again. A whistleblower who worked directly under Dr. Shogan at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has come forward to Senator Josh Hawley, R-MO, with allegations suggesting extreme partisanship.

According to Fox News, Senator Hawley stated that the whistleblower “alleges that Dr. Shogan engaged in a pattern of abusive, retaliatory, and partisan conduct,” adding that her support for Democrats was well-known due to her persistent partisan rhetoric. The whistleblower also told Senator Hawley that Dr. Shogan engaged in retaliatory behavior, denying her promotions as well as taking actions to try and push her out of her position at CRS. Dr. Shogan’s partisanship was further alleged by the whistleblower, who claims that she would inhibit requests for reports from Republican members of Congress by suppressing them.

Following the complaints from the whistleblower, Senator Hawley sent the information in a letter to Senator Gary Peters, the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, requesting a delay in moving any further with Dr. Shogan’s nomination, noting that the whistleblower “is willing to go on the record with her allegations.” He added that he would give Senator Peters’ office her contact information, and recommended a full committee investigation into the matter.

On February 28th, 2023, Senator Hawley expressed his deep opposition to Dr. Shogan’s confirmation after she refused to answer questions about her tweets, which were at one time publicly available until she locked down her Twitter account. Senator Hawley cited multiple tweets that showed extreme partisanship from Dr. Shogan, which he believes is disqualifying for a position that should be entirely nonpartisan. Dr. Shogan’s nomination was blocked the first time back in September 2022. Currently, a Senate committee is set to vote on whether to advance her nomination this Thursday.

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