Appeals Court Rejects Social Media Inspection of Gun Control Laws

( – Following the 2022 Supreme Court ruling that declared the state of New York’s concealed carry law unconstitutional, lawmakers passed new legislation to limit access to firearms. The Concealed Carry Improvement Act has faced legal challenges since New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul signed it into law.

A significant ruling was handed down from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on December 8. The court upheld an injunction from a district court, striking down a provision that would have forced gun owners to be subjected to a review of their social media accounts when applying for a concealed carry permit. Two other provisions in the law were also blocked by the three-judge panel, including restricting concealed carry in houses of worship and restrictions on carrying firearms on publicly accessible private property.

Gun rights activists were thrilled over the ruling, but the court allowed other controversial provisions to remain in effect. Concealed carry applicants will still be required to disclose the names of members of their household and be subjected to a moral character evaluation. The court also declined to block the state from banning concealed carry in so-called “sensitive areas,” like movie theaters, drinking establishments, and parks.

Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt released a statement after the ruling, blasting Governor Hochul for attempting to subvert the 2022 Supreme Court ruling. He expressed pride in the GOA’s efforts to dismantle the law but admitted that the ruling was not entirely sufficient. He said that the GOA would keep fighting “until this entire law is sent to the bowels of history where it belongs.”

New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James applauded the ruling regarding the parts of the law that were allowed to remain in effect. She claimed that gun violence would be thwarted in sensitive areas and out of reach for dangerous individuals who she believes have no business owning a firearm. James said that her office would continue its work in defending the state’s gun laws.

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