Woman Indicted On 63 Charges for Encouraging Sexual Assault

(LibertySociety.com) – A 49-year-old Idaho woman was indicted on October 30 in California by a Santa Clara County grand jury on 63 felony and misdemeanor counts for crimes committed during parties she allowed her teenage son to host. According to 17 witnesses who testified to the grand jury, Shannon O’Connor provided alcohol to her son’s guests and encouraged them to wantonly assault female guests. Prosecutors said that O’Connor let her son host six parties in 2020 at her previous residence Los Gatos and other locations. She allegedly purchased beer and hard liquor for 14 and 15-year-olds, coercing them to drink until they were unconscious.

Prosecutors also said that O’Connor would help some of the teenagers find a way to sneak out of their homes at night to attend the parties. She instructed all of them to keep the parties a secret from others. In December 2020, prosecutors alleged that she gave a young boy a condom and forced him into a room with a highly intoxicated young female. The girl was able to escape to a bathroom, where she locked herself inside. On another occasion, she brought a teenage boy into a bedroom with a girl who had previously attended one of the parties. She was then assaulted by the teenage boy while intoxicated.

O’Connor visually participated in at least one of the assaults during a New Year’s Eve party, reportedly laughing while watching a 14-year-old girl get assaulted by a teenage boy. O’Connor was arrested in Idaho after the grand jury recommended charges, which included child endangerment and aiding and abetting wanton assault. It is unknown if O’Connor has been able to retain an attorney since her arrest. Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise said that “it often takes a long time” to get to trial and that convening the grand jury to begin with took over two years. O’Connor has been in jail since October 2021 and will be arraigned on November 6.

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