VP Harris’ Stepdaughter Slammed Over Pro-Palestinian Fundraiser

(LibertySociety.com) – New Jersey Republican Representative Jeff Van Drew blasted Vice President Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, for posting a fundraising link for Gaza to her Instagram account. Van Drew said that he was shocked to see her support for Gaza’s children but appeared to show none for the children of Israel who were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists. He said that Emhoff’s posting the fundraiser was “of tremendous concern,” adding that it was “disturbing to the maximum degree.” Van Drew said that the fundraiser money meant for Gaza would ultimately end up in the hands of Hamas.

The fundraiser was started by an Ohio nonprofit organization called Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and has already brought in over $7.8 million. The nonprofit has raised millions for Palestinians in recent years, with net donations totaling more than $21 million in 2021. Although Emhoff has not disclosed if she has donated anything to the fundraiser, it remains pinned to the top of her page. Emhoff’s father, Doug Emhoff, is Jewish. Ella Emhoff has previously told reporters that she is not Jewish. In 2021, a representative speaking for her said that Ella Emhoff “does not want to speak on behalf of Judaism, as she does not celebrate herself.”

Emhoff’s support of providing humanitarian aid coincides with the Biden administration’s stance, as President Biden announced $100 million to Gaza during his trip to Israel shortly after the attack. Biden faced criticism from most 2024 Republican presidential candidates for the decision, arguing that any aid going to Gaza will be confiscated by Hamas.

The New York Post reached out to Ella Emhoff for comment about the pro-Palestinian fundraiser but received no response. The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry has claimed that Israel has killed over 9,000 Palestinians since the war began, but it is unknown if those reports are accurate. The United Nations has warned that Israel is close to committing genocide against Palestinians.

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