Trump: Joe Biden Has Shown No Empathy For Laken Riley’s Family

( – During a March 13 exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former President Trump discussed his meeting with Laken Riley’s parents while at a rally in Rome, Georgia. Laken Riley was brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela while on a jog at the University of Georgia. Trump said that Riley’s parents “lost an angel” while highlighting Riley’s characteristics and accomplishments. He blasted President Biden during the interview, stating that the family had “been shown no compassion from Biden.”

Trump pointed out that the only time Biden mentioned Riley was when he called her by the wrong name after he was shamed by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., into acknowledging her death during the State of the Union Address. Trump quipped about Biden’s lack of reading skills, as Riley’s name was on the pin he was reading from that had been given to him by Greene as he descended to the dais. Trump talked about Riley’s parents still dealing with the shock of what happened to their daughter, remarking that their lives were changed forever.

Trump also discussed Angel Families, which are families of victims who were murdered by illegal aliens. He told Breitbart that the Democrats and the left-leaning media hate the Angel Families, noting the horrible way they are treated by liberals. Trump said that he has met many of the Angel Moms and that they love him. Riley’s murderer, Jose Ibarra, was released from jail on two separate occasions in New York City before Immigrations and Customs Protection (ICE) could issue a detainer. He then traveled to Georgia and allegedly killed Riley in a random act of violence. His brother, Diego Ibarra, was also arrested during the search for Riley. Police found an illegal green card in his possession, which he used to obtain employment at the University of Georgia. The New York Post recently reported that illegal migrants are purchasing fake green cards and social security cards from gangs in Queens, which gives them the ability to live the life of an American citizen.

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