Lawsuit Claims Biden Intentionally Supported Terrorism

( – A complaint filed by America First Legal in December 2022 was recently amended to allege that the Biden administration had full knowledge that it was funding Palestinian terrorists when sending taxpayer dollars to Gaza. The amended complaint alleges that Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken violated the Taylor Force Act of 2018. The law was named after Taylor Force, an Army veteran who was murdered in 2016 by a Palestinian terrorist in Israel. Following his death, the Palestinian Authority’s (PAs) ruling party, Fatah, called Force’s killer a “heroic martyr” on its Facebook page.

The Taylor Force Act declared that the PA’s program that pays imprisoned terrorists and their families was being used to incentivize Palestinians to kill Americans and Israelis. It also barred the use of taxpayer funds by the executive branch to help the PA unless it ended the payment program and stopped committing violence against the Israeli people. The amended complaint accuses the Biden administration of violating the law when it reversed a Trump-era ban on funding for Palestinians and sent $500 million taxpayer dollars to Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the $1 billion sent to the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNWRA) was to benefit the PA. Another allegation in the suit says that Biden subsidized the PA’s bounty system and allowed for expanded military capabilities by Hamas in Gaza.

The lawsuit points out that the Office of Inspector General for USAID issued an alert after Biden announced $100 million in funding for Palestinians on October 18 last year. The alert notified the Biden administration that the funds would likely be diverted to fund terrorism. However, the alert was ignored, and the funding was sent anyway. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit also include Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson and Taylor Force’s parents. The defendants filed for the dismissal of the case, but it was rejected by a court in February.

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