New York Police Officer and Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shot; Suspect Dead

( – Two law enforcement officers made the ultimate sacrifice on April 14 when they were shot and killed by 33-year-old Christopher Murphy in Salina, New York. Officers in Syracuse attempted to pull over a suspicious-looking vehicle” at around 7:07 p.m., but the driver fled. The officers were able to record the license plate number but lost track of the vehicle. They ran the plate and found that the owner’s physical address was in the Syracuse suburb of Salina.

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office joined Syracuse police officers in responding to the owner’s address after discovering that the driver may have been armed. They located the vehicle and found several weapons inside. They were soon confronted by the armed man after hearing the manipulation of a firearm just inside the residence. Murphy and the officers began exchanging gunfire, which resulted in Murphy being shot as well as a Syracuse police officer and an Onondaga County deputy. They were all taken to Upstate University Hospital where they died from their injuries.

The following day, Syracuse Police Chief Joseph Cecile said, “We lost two heroes last night,” when he identified Syracuse police officer Michael Jensen and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hoosock. Sheriff Toby Shelley said that Hoosock was ambushed by Murphy when he went to the backyard of a nearby house to find sufficient cover after officers learned that he was armed. Murphy stood on the back deck of the residence and fired several rounds at Hoosock. He then went to the front of the house and shot Jensen.

Jensen had been with the Syracuse police department for around two years. Cecile said that he took his commitment to the job seriously. Hoosock was married with three young children. He began working for the county in 2007 and had just been promoted to lieutenant last June. He was also the bomb squad commander for the sheriff’s office and a firefighter.

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