Tlaib Allegedly Member of Secret Pro-Hamas Facebook Group

( – Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib has been in the hot seat for public comments and actions since the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7. And now, she’s being accused of joining a secret pro-Hamas Facebook discussion group.

Tlaib has made multiple posts on X, formerly Twitter, repeating slogans used by Hamas that call for the eradication of Jewish people and the Jewish state. She spoke at a rally outside the Capitol complex and repeated a debunked accusation that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) bombed a hospital in Gaza. She doubled down on her claims after being confronted with contradictory claims from United States intelligence. She has also repeatedly voted against congressional spending to provide weapons and Iron Dome replenishments.

Tlaib has claimed that she is pushing for peace but has refused to condemn Hamas for the deadly attack. Fox News reported that Tlaib is a member of a private Facebook group called Palestinian American Congress, which promotes antisemitic content. Tlaib has been a member of the group for six years. One user in the group shared a photo of a Hamas hostage and Holocaust survivor, writing that they didn’t want to throw her “in the sea,” but to “ride it back from where” she came. Hamas took more than 240 people hostage on the day of the attack. Other users boasted about the achievements of Hamas as a result of the day of terror. Tlaib did not return a request for comment from the New York Post.

Tlaib recently accused the Biden administration of supporting the genocide of Palestinians and warned that his voters do not agree with his unrelenting support of Israel. Members of the House of Representatives officially voted to censure Tlaib for her comments, including 22 Democrats. Tlaib is one of several members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that has called for a ceasefire, but the Biden administration has stopped short of recommending one. President Biden erred on the side of caution and called for a temporary pause to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and the West Bank.

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