Texas Man Killed In Hoax Robbery Gone Wrong

(LibertySociety.com) – A Texas man died on January 27 after he was shot and killed by a bystander who saw him attempting to rob a couple at a gas station in Houston.

Rasshauud Scott was seen pistol-whipping the male victim at a gas pump on Ella Boulevard before taking his wallet and running away. The bystander shot Scott twice, knocking him to the ground. He died shortly after being transported to an area hospital. The victims were reportedly cooperating with law enforcement, but further investigation into the incident revealed that they were illegal immigrants who were participating in a scam that would allow them to remain in the United States.

The Houston Police Department reported that the couple was working with Scott to stage the robbery so they could become victims, which would allow them to apply for U nonimmigrant status (U visa). After reading through text messages on Scott’s phone, police discovered that he and another man were discussing the scheme during the period leading up to the fake robbery. A selfie photo of one of the alleged victims was also found on Scott’s phone. According to police, Scott had staged multiple robberies within the last year to help the so-called victims obtain visas.

Silvia Mintz, who works as an immigration attorney, said that she has had several illegal migrants ask her if being victimized would allow them to apply for a U visa. She said that she always tells them, “I cannot help you.” Mintz continued, stating, “People don’t realize the big mess they’re getting into” if they fabricate their victimization. She added that it could lead to a permanent ban from the United States.

A local ABC news outlet could not find where any of the purported victims had been charged with participating in the scheme with Scott. Houston was previously a sanctuary city until the state of Texas passed S.B. 4 in 2017, which outlawed sanctuary cities.

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