Teachers Union Official Reprimanded Over Antisemitic Posts

(LibertySociety.com) – Following the deadly terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel on October 7, antisemitic rhetoric has increased to unprecedented levels in the United States and across the World. One site dedicated to identifying and publicly shaming individuals who make antisemitic posts online has succeeded in getting many of those individuals fired from their jobs. Progressive lawmakers have faced backlash for participating in antisemitic gatherings and being members of social media groups that are inundated with antisemitic posts. One professor at Cornell University apologized after calling the Hamas attacks “exhilarating” during a pro-Palestine rally.

Now an official from a Maryland teachers’ union has been suspended pending an investigation after making antisemitic posts online. Angela Wolf also works at Takoma Park Middle School and is in charge of the English department. Wolf has a history of making negative comments about Jewish people, which was brought to the attention of her bosses back in December 2022. In a Facebook post, Wolf listed the names of five prominent local Jewish people whom she thought were Jewish because of their last names. She posted their net worth and wrote that none of them “have done a damn thing to further the needs of communities.”

Since Israel began retaliating against Hamas after the terrorist group attacked Israel, Wolf has increased her antisemitic rhetoric. Wolf insinuated that Israel was trying to bomb Gaza out of existence and posted a cartoon photo of an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) tank pointing a cannon toward a baby at a Gazan hospital. The caption read “Enemy in sight,” which was likely circulated online after false reports of Israel bombing a local hospital in Gaza.

The school finally took action after multiple complaints about Wolf, announcing her suspension in a letter to parents. The school did not disclose details of the investigation into Wolf, but condemned her views and said that they were not representative of the school’s values. According to media reporting, Wolf is the second teacher in the left-leaning county who has been suspended for antisemitic comments in the last few months.

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