Quarterback Leaves College Gridiron For Navy SEAL Training

(LibertySociety.com) – A college football quarterback announced a life-changing decision that was both unexpected and inspiring. Levi Williams, a junior who plays for the Utah State Aggies, will forgo his last year of eligibility to get ready for his upcoming Navy SEAL training. Williams made the announcement during a radio interview on Salt Lake City’s KSL 97.5 FM. He said that the decision was “something that took a lot of thought and consideration.” Williams comes from a military family, with his mother and one of his grandparents serving in the Army. Another grandparent served in the Navy.

Williams’s fiancé Tatum was thrilled at the news, as her father also served in the Army. Williams explained that he felt that he was called by God to “protect this great country.” During the radio interview, Williams expressed his love for the United States and how important it is to protect the freedoms that Americans enjoy, including the ability to play football. Williams has played for two seasons with the Aggies and previously played for the Wyoming Cowboys at the University of Wyoming. Williams recently scored the game-winning touchdown on November 24 in the last game of the season and was named Player of the Week.

Williams will begin preparing for the rigorous fitness test that he must pass to be eligible to become a SEAL. The test includes a 500-yard swim that must be completed in 12.5 minutes. In addition, he will be required to run 1.5 miles in the same amount of time. Another portion of the test includes doing as many pull-ups, curl-ups, and push-ups as one possibly can within two minutes. Williams likely has a strict physical fitness routine as a college football player, but Navy SEAL training is known for its extreme difficulty. In addition to the physical aspect, SEAL trainees are required to go through programs that mentally prepare them for future missions that will undoubtedly push them to their limits.

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