Planet Fitness’s Market Value Drops By $400 Million

( – Planet Fitness is under fire after revoking the membership of an Alaskan woman who took issue with sharing a locker room with a man who claimed to be transgender. Patricia Silva snapped a photo of the man shaving his face in front of the mirror inside the female locker room. She reported that a young girl was present in the locker room and appeared to be uncomfortable with the man’s presence. Silva posted a video of her opinion of the situation, which quickly went viral. She then had her membership revoked, with the company claiming that she violated its policies by taking a photo inside the bathroom facilities.

Planet Fitness sided with the man, stating that members’ “discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender member.” The company’s stock took a brief hit, losing nearly $400 million in value over the next five days. The share price has still not fully recovered and calls to boycott the company have continued to trend online. A statement provided by the company contained every far-left progressive talking point in existence regarding so-called transgender individuals, including the company’s mission to use the appropriate personal pronouns when addressing members.

On March 21, Silva told the New York Post that one of her friends encountered the man shaving again in the locker room, but he was accompanied by a staff member. The friend reportedly told the staffer that the man should leave the locker room, but the staff member said, “If you are uncomfortable you can go into a stall.” The man claimed that he was in the process of transitioning into a woman, but that he was dressed like a man and had a short haircut. Silva told the outlet that she wants the state to pass a bathroom bill that would require people to use the bathroom that matches their biological gender.

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